Team Leader - Weekly Tasks

This email should outline any outstanding topics that you need to review with Steve in regards to your team. You will also use this email to outline your weekly call with Steve. it will help to ensure that you get your topics and issues covered with Steve.\\
Weekly Call

* Every Team Leader should have a scheduled weekly call with Steve
* You should be at your computer and taking notes from the call
* Your weekly call with Steve will follow the same format of your weekly TL email - when Steve advises for you to go over your topics always go in this order
* Lifebushido Overall
* Yourself
* Client
* Sales
* Ishido
* Team
* Have the following 3 reports open on your computer during your call with Steve.
* Client DB – overall team report
* Schedule DB – scheduled work for your team
* Schedule Db – Your Ishido work report
* If you have any questions about the reports you need to have open please make sure to send Steve an email

Weekly TL emails:

* Make sure to see format for PDF files at bottom of this page so Steve gets the report he likes in the view he most appreciates
* Do not use “Priority” in the subject line. The format for all TL emails is TEAMNAME - Weekly TL Email - Date
* Attach the below 3 reports to your email
* Client DB – overall team report
* Schedule DB – scheduled work for your team
* Schedule Db – Your Ishido work report
* cc all Team Leaders in your weekly email to Steve

Subject: TEAMNAME - Weekly TL Email - DATE


(Schedule DB for Team attached in PDF form - you will go to the reports on the left, and choose the one titled “Report - Team - All”, and then choose your team from the drop down list. This is the report to use or Spreadsheets requested from Steve)

Waiting on Steve - [list anything from prior week or emails that you are still waiting on Steve]
Pending - [anything new you need from Steve]
Lifebushido - [any questions, comments, suggestions for LB overall]
Client Specific - [topic which is related to a specific client]
Client General Topics - [topic which cuts across all clients]
Proactive Marketing / Sales - [status or questions on proactive marketing of team services]
Other Team - [any other topic related to team]
Ishido Topics - [list any Ishido topics]

Regular Signature Here

==== Systems Email ====
Any TL that receives an email from Systems is to respond immediately with appropriate action. There are several instances that this regards.

* Systems Function emails - systems tracks work for several of our teams. If you as TL receive an email, please reply all with the status of each item on the list received from systems so Steve can view and discuss if needed.
==== PDF Attachment format: ====
For pdf attachments, Steve likes them to be one page, and have as much on it vertically as possible. Move all the stuff which is mostly for you to the far right and have the info he's request more towards the left so he can see.

Make the columns as close together as you can using “wrap text” option under format cells if you right click on highlighted column. Then move them in as close as you can keeping the longest word as the guideline, shortening longer words. Ex - Management becomes Mgt

Once you do that, go to file, print and choose print page 1 to page 1 and then save as a pdf and that will make it the 1 page pdf he wants.

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