Team Leader - Weekly Call

Mondays @ 10:30 am ET
Phone number - 425-440-5100
ID - 894814#


  • Steve Kantor - Owner / CEO
  • Toshua Serrato - COO
  • Susan Johnson- Closing Team Leader
  • Tracey Bujaki- Accounting Team Leader
  • Wendy Ross - Calling / Key Assistant Team Leader
  • Cherie Turner- Client Services Team Leader
  • Crystal Batignani - Marketing Team Leader

Purpose of the Call

The purpose of the weekly call is for Steve to be able to review policy changes, updates and overall Lifebushido Big picture items weekly with the Team leaders. This ensures that the processes and updates get implemented and notification to the teams occur immediately.

  • Weekly TL emails must be sent to Steve by Monday 9am so that he has time to review before the call.
  • Please make sure that you are in front of your computer and have a pen and paper ready to take notes
  • Steve may ask you to send emails during the call or look up client specific information


  • TL's will perform in rotation as the scribe for the call each week
  • TL's will send the notes to their teams each week after they sent to ensure that all Teams are up to date on big picture topics
Date Scribe Date Scribe Date Scribe
1/7/19 Crystal Batignani 2/4/19 Tracey Bujaki 3/4/19 Toshua Serrato
1/14/19 Cherie Turner 2/11/19 Wendy Ross 3/11/19 Susan Johnson
1/21/19 Toshua Serrato 2/18/19 Crystal Batignani 3/18/19 Tracey Bujaki
1/28/19 Susan Johnson 2/25/19 Cherie Turner 3/25/19 Wendy Ross

Weekly TL Call Notes - Template

Weekly TL Call – Notes – mm/dd/yy

Action Items

  • List any action items needed from the Team Leaders on the call
    • If the items are broad requests send to your teams

Big Picture

  • List all of the big picture items Steve reviewed on the call

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